About Us

ReCon Biometrics:

Solutions provider of state of the art Facial Recognition Access Control systems for Securty and Attendance Monitoring. We supply Globally and have many current applications in Hong Kong and other countries in The Orient.

The ReCon Biometrics Keyless Identification Security System (KISS) uses the latest biometrics facial recognition technology. Both the hardware and software are simple to learn and use. Users can easily gain access to desired areas by using a IC Card or Passcode, accompanied by a facial scan.

KISS’ Administrator Management software collects real-time data that can easily be downloaded and integrated to the client’s own access control software and used to track employee attendance.

Using infrared facial recognition technology, KISS captures real-life facial images and compares them to previously collected data in the system. Access is only granted if there is a positive match made between a facial scan and a recorded user, and KISS’ high accuracy level allows it to detect the most minute of differences; it is even able to distinguish between identical twins.

Business size

101-500 employees